Friday, June 02, 2006

bad blogger

Yes, I know I am a bad blogger. I get it from my friends and family who frequently tell me that my blog is boring and needs to get updated. Yes. I agree. I mean to but just havn't been good about actually getting it done. I truly believe there is a procrastinator gene. There has to be... certainly it is not a character flaw.

Well, the exciting thing that happened to me today :
backstory: I am sick. Woke up multiple times last night coughing... :( woke up this moring with sore throat and general body ache and head stuffiness. Also, todays plans were to go scuba diving with my good friend who is moving on Monday. You really can't dive when you're sick so I called to tell her that I would go out on the boat with them, but couldn't dive. Well, on our way to the coral head they were going to dive (and I would snorkel) we saw dolphins!!! Ah, my favorite! We have spinner dolphins around Kwaj.

There were probably 20+ dolphins in this pod!! So, we slowed our boat down and just circled and played with them. They seem to like sound/feel of the motor, they swam, jumped and spinned around our boat for a good 45 minutes finally we stopped to anchor and they left. If we had kept motoring I am sure they would have stayed around to play. It is so weird that dolphins really seem to have personality. They truly come to play with the boats. As we turned and changed direction, they followed us.... I got some great photos and some video. I will try to post the video (never tried it here before) and if not I will get some pictures up. It always seems so surreal. Just to image that these dolphins are not trained, no one is giving them commands... they just come and play. They have personality. They enjoy it. It makes you wonder about intelligence :)

I love this place!

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