Friday, August 25, 2006

Back to Blond

Yep, it was only 2 months but I missed my blond hair. So, I had it highlighted the other day, and I look like the old me. I think I prefer the blond, although it looks really pretty with the reddish color in it also (the dark brown had faded to red!)

Have been keeping busy surfing, sailing, wakeboarding. Oh, and I have also been on night shift again. 6 weeks! ARGH! I just finished and I am glad to say that tomorrow I will start back on days. This is also good becuase soccer season starts next week and all of our games are evening games.

I played pick up soccer last night for the first time in weeks. I had injured my foot surfing and was unable to wear a shoe on my Left Foot. It is still messed up but OK enough to put on running shoes and soccer cleats. So ran around for 2 hrs at soccer and woke up this morning feeling mostly paralyzed. Dang it... it is tough getting older! My back, hamstring and groin areas were all tight. I did manage to get them loosed up enough to spend a few hours wakeboarding though.

Today I was trying a new trick a 360 circle on the water. Sounds easy, but timing, weight placement etc. is key.... I don't know if you can imagine what it feels like when the boat is pulling you and you have to spin yourself and your board in a complete circle while travelling in a forward the middle of a turn your board suddenly "digs" into the water - effectivly stopping you, tossing you forward (or backward) think whiplash or major face plant. Today I face planted so hard that when my face hit the water my back arched, feet swung up and back behind me and the board hit my shoulderblade. Ouch. I got back into the boat after that one. Now it is a little sore.

Pictures: Playing dominos on Cherokee after major surf sessions (tough life), me surfing with some pretty bad form (I'm working on it!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random pictures

OK, I am at work and thought I would post some random pictures since I havn't posted in a long time. The pictures are pretty old (I still have blond hair), but it gives a sense of some of the stuff going on around here.

This is during our Mass Casualty Drill where we had to triage our patients in the hosptial waiting room. They called me in from home out of a dead sleep (nice hair). Unlike in the states, we actually have to come in and act out the whole mass casualty.

This picture is from the Rustman triathalon that I participated in. I didn't do the whole race, just the run portion as part of a team. It was fun, and next year I would like to do the whole thing!!!!