Thursday, November 17, 2005

Halloween 2005

Always a big event on Kwaj. I love trying to figure out a costume. This year I waited until the last minute.... I spent hours on-line looking at "last minute Halloween costumes" and after a long nightshift decided on a wind-up doll. Luckily our local thrift store (Bargain Bazzar) had a silly blue poodle skirt and poofy white shirt. The knee socks are from an old soccer uniform and the wig was a lucky find at the local "convienience store" Ten-Ten. I made the crank out of styrofoam and tinfoil. I didn't win the costume contest though...

(Top) The pre-club crew - we broke Julie's bed taking this picture!! I really wanted to hear her explain that one to the furniture warehouse!
(Bottom) My friend TC (pimp daddy) and I

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COD said...

It's nice to see that some things never change over there :)

KHS class of 85