Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Island Pictures

Some more island shots.... Emon Beach is the "family" beach and is the larges beach on the island. Kwaj is kind of shaped like a boomarang and in this picture is looking across the lagoon to the southwestern tip. DCCB (the big square building) used to be "the end of the island" until they built the GBRP Radar beyond it. You also see a man made rock jetty that separate Emon beach from the "ski boat area" Good for waterskiing/wakeboarding because it is protected.

Kwaj has basically 4 types of housing: BQs (bachelor quarters) - Dormatories basically, but each room has a little kitchenette and bathroom, Trailers - (silver no less), Hard housing, New Housing and Domes. "Hard Housing" are cement brick type housing - square with a flat top and "NewHousing" are more conventional duplex & 4-plex homes - sheetrocked walls instead of cement brick.

They tore down all the silver trailers at the north end of the island and put up dome homes. There are 2 and 3 bedroom domes. I have not yet been inside of one, but everyone seems to like them and apparently they hold up well in the sunny, humid, salty environment. This group of homes pictured is just Ocean-side of new housing past the CRC. I am taking the picture on the perimeter road behind the CRC. (for those who are familiar with the island layout) This is basically opposite of Emon Beach!

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ted_curtis said...

Thanks for the pictures of kwaj. It's much easier when I can see the highlights of the island.