Monday, April 16, 2007

This work thing gets in the way of training!

I have worked the last 3 night shifts, so my workouts have had to be fairly short. I try to sleep until 2pm which only leaves me with 3 hours to eat, digest and workout before getting ready for night shift.

4/14: the day after my long bike/run workout was a recovery day. Instead of exercising I did laundry, ran some errands around town and attempted to make some bread pudding with leftover hamburger buns. In my organizational frenzy I didn't let the bread soak into the egg/milk mixture long enough and I came out with crunchy bread pudding. I was very disappointed. I tossed it. And went to work with no goodies for the night crew.

4/15: While everyone else on island was enjoying Spring Musicfest at Emon Beach. I was sleeping and trainnig. My friend recently asked me what I've been up to lately and I replied "work, sleep, eat, train, work... rinse repeat." It is frustrating because I have worked the last 3 weekends and am scheduled to work again next weekend. that is 4 in a row. Yep, an entire month. AND yep, I emailed my boss a friendly note bringing this to her attention.

Anyway... back to the training. So, Sunday evening I decided to run and swim. I did my usual 3 mile loop, but carried my cap and goggles with me (actually stuck them in my waistband) then instead of passing by the pool I jumped in and did 1/2 K, got out and finished my run. The pool falls probably about 1/2 way through my run. I felt quite tired, slow and low on energy on my first few laps in the pool. Maybe it was lack of food, maybe it was just muscle fatigue - but I figured it is good to mix up the workout a bit and continue practicing the swim. I also noticed my left shoulder (anterior rotator cuff area) feeling a little sore. I think it is probably a result of my arm/shoulder workout earlier this week. I tried to focus on my form so as not to hurt that shoulder any more.

4/16: Today. Woke up to the sounds of my roomate making chocolate cake and tiramisu for my good friend's birthday party. Everyone is getting together tonight to celebrate with sushi, cake and tiramisu. I am at work. Argh. I stopped by for a short 30min to drop off a present and card before heading in to work.

Today I just did a simple 3 mile run. It was a pretty good run, although it was still quite hot at 4:15pm. The Rustman starts at 4pm so it will be cooler by the time the run starts on race day.

Plan for tomorrow: Practice swim to bike transition. Then a long bike workout (remember, pointy part of helmet to the back)....

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