Sunday, April 22, 2007

Training log... catch up for past week

Sunday April 22, 2007: Today my plan is to swim the lagoon (1K) with a friend of mine who is going to do the race as part of a team. She’ll do just the swim portion. If I still have energy I will try to run a few miles afterwards.

Saturday April 21: Today was my first day back to work on days. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always cooperate with the switch back and forth from days to nights and nights to days. I only managed to get 2 hours of sleep. I was so completely exhausted by the afternoon that I went home from work early – I was actually feeling ill from lack of sleep. I took a nap after work, woke up with a headache and decided that instead of working out I would just take the day off. I really wanted to take my bike out to see if we had resolved the shifting problem, but I thought it was probably more important to keep myself healthy at this point.

Friday April 20: Woke up in the afternoon with a call to catch the tail end of the south swell. I had arranged for one of my coworkers to come look at the front derailer of my bike since it was not shifting well. My coworker was going for an afternoon dive, so it gave me enough time to get in a quick 1 ½ hr surf session. I got out of the water early because I wanted to get some laps on the bike before dark. I managed 3 laps (12 miles) before it got too dark.

The surf spot is at the south end of the island, right off the airstrip road. As I passed the spot on my bike, I saw that my buddies had all gotten out of the water and were enjoying a few brews before heading back (into the wind hauling their surfboards on their bike trailers) I was glad that I was on my nice light bike but bummed that I couldn’t enjoy a few beers with them.

Thursday April 19: Woke up feeling the soreness of the surf session the day before (arms, shoulders, lower ribs… it has been a while since I’ve been on my board obviously!) I had to work night shift, so I only got a quick 3 mile run in today.

Wednesday April 18: A nice south swell is here and I am not working, so after spending a few hours glazing some pieces in the hobby shop, I headed down to The Pit to surf. I figured 2 hours of paddling and surfing could count as a “swim” day. By then end of the session my shoulders and arms were tired and sore. It was fun to get in the water and “cross train” a bit.

Tuesday April 17: Swim 1K, Bike 12miles. Today my roommate and I both had the day off. We decided to swim and work the transition between swim and bike. The transition was fairly smooth, but as I got on the road I realized my tire was flat. This was concerning since I had pumped the tire before getting into the water. Being the nice roommate that she is, she helped me change the tire. It took us much longer than expected to change the tire so we ended up only having enough daylight to do 3 laps around the airstrip.


Cici said...

I'm exhausted just reading about what you are doing! Good luck with the training and the race. You are a winner in my book!

Victoria said...

I took some extra days off this week (one day I did a 60-minute yoga class and was surprised the next day when my legs would only take me 3 miles. Duh!) So I feel for ya. Keep on truckin'.

Love you!