Saturday, April 14, 2007

Transition Day

My roomate and I decided that we were both going to get a good bike workout in today. We didn't want to deal with workday or after-work traffic so we decided to go at 5pm (work gets out for most at 4:30).

Let me start by saying: I am a total dork.

We were both getting all dressed and ready to go, I was pumping my tires getting my iPod and camelback on etc. I thought my roomate had already left and figured I would just see her on the road, but when I looked up I saw her standing there waiting for me. This kinda threw me for a loop, so in a hurry (so she didn't have to wait any longer) I threw my helmet on and took off. First of all, I am still new at the whole "clip in" pedal system. It often takes me numerous trys to get clicked in. Well, wouldn't ya know the one time I try NOT to click in I do... so there I am with my right foot clicked in and my left out, trying to steer, get my left foot clicked in and stay upright... well, as my roomate stand by watching, I totally crash into one of our solar garden lights completely decapitating it. My first thougth was: oh, dang she saw that... how embarassing....instead I just shouted "oh, I'll fix it when I get home".

So, we head off down the road, chatting. I am still trying to get over my embarassing lack of control and the garden light masacre when Molly looks at me and says "Your helmet is on backwards."

Having started my workout in this way I figured the rest was going to be a disaster so I figured I would have to work really hard to prove to myself and my roomate that I am, really, not a complete freak.

I am happy to report that even with the bumpy start it was a good day. The race is 42K which equals out to 6 laps around our airstrip plus the distance to and from. Going south down the airstrip you have a great tailwind but you pay for it on the way back with that same tailwind now being a monsterous headwind. I found that I am actually not too bad in the headwind. I've been averaging about 12.5 - 13 minutes per 4 mile lap. If I keep my spedometer at about 24mph with the tailwind and 17-18mph in the headwind I can keep a pretty consistant split time. Today I did 5 laps; just over 20miles.

I wanted to practice the bike to run transition for the race, so after biking 20 miles I jumped (OK, not so gracefully dismounted) my bike, threw on running shoes and headed out for a 3 mile run. I have heard that this is the hardest physical transition because your legs are "rubbery" after the bike segment. It was true. My legs didn't feel rubbery as much as clumsy. Running after biking makes you realize what a different set of muscles you use. I also noticed that it felt like I was running REALLY SLOW. And clumsy. AND I was tired. Not as much physically tired (although a goo or gel probably would have been a good idea) it was more mentally tired. I was running along thinking "on race day I have to do twice this distance" I think that made me feel more tired, because really my body didn't hurt and I didn't feel like I COULDN'T go on, it was weird. I guess it is true when "they" say completing triathlons is mostly mental. So, as long as I stay strong mentally it should work out OK.

I need to go get a snack.

Today: Bike 20+miles, run 3 miles


Vic said...

I love reading your training journal! Maybe I should get one up in Blog land too...

Two comments: one, you really should train with some Gu. You'll feel like a rockstar. I like the stuff with caffiene in it. Do you want me to send you some? I can get a ton in the mail tomorrow for ya.

Two, when I get tired and my legs feel rubbery I concentrate on squeezing my upper legs closer together (kind of pulls my knees in straighter) and for some reason, it feels like I'm using a different muscle and I feel less tired. Or, I'll lean slightly back and concentrate on using my butt muscles, or lean forward and concentrate on my calves. You'd be surprised at how this can reinvigorate you on a run.

Also (okay so this is 3 comments) this month's Runner's World talks about the power of having a running mantra... It can help you through the toughest miles. Mine is "Don't Stop Moving."

Love you!

Cici said...

I'm glad you wrote about your bumpy start-someday you will write that sequence into a movie! I laughed so hard! (You are usually so smooth and fluid moving).
I am impressed with your training! One lap around the airstrip and I was exhausted!
What if GU?